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Cadaveric Workshop: 7th September 2022

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Spine Surgery Cadaveric Workshop

A cadaveric workshop on spine surgery will be held on 07th Sept 2022 at ACSST, Trauma Centre, AIIMS, New Delhi.

In a first of its kind workshop, this innovative 360° degree approach to learning will include didactic lectures, Cadaveric demonstration & Hands-on skill stations on cadavers as well as saw bone models, followed by live operative demonstrations. This will ensure that participants become confident about the nuances of spine surgery.

World renowned faculty in spine surgery will be showcasing their skills on cadavers as well as by performing surgeries and all OT’s will be telecast live in conference hall simultaneously for maximum interaction with the respective experts.

We welcome you to Delhi, the capital city of India for a never before academic feast and look forward to meeting you in AIIMS Annual Spine Workshop (AASW-2022) at AIIMS, Delhi.

Pre-conference Cadaver Spine Surgery workshop

Chairman of ACSST Lab– Dr. Rajesh Malhotra, Chief of JPNATC
Course director: Dr. Shashank S Kale
Co-Course Director: Dr PS Chandra
Faculty In- charge ACSST lab: Dr. Sanjeev Lalwani
Organizing secretary: Dr. Deepak Agrawal
Course Coordinator: Dr. Dattaraj Sawarkar / Dr. Ramesh Doddamani / Dr. Rajesh Kumar Meena

Course Faculty: 

    • AIIMS Faculty
    • National Faculty

Dr. Yadram Yadav

Dr. Sushil Patkar

Dr. G Vijay Kumar

Course Schedule- Day-1 (7 Sep 2022)

7.30- 8.00 AM: Registration

8.00 – 8.30 AM – Course introduction and Faculty and participant introduction:  

8.30- 9.00 AM – Inauguration of workshop followed by high tea

8.30 – 8.35– Welcoming Chief Guest and guest of honor

8.35-8.40– Lamp Lighting and Saraswati Vandana

8.40-8.42- Welcome Address by organizing secretary Dr (Prof). Deepak Agrawal

8.42-8.44- Address by guest of honor, Dr (Prof).  Sanjeev Lalwani, Registrar and Faculty in-charge of ACSST lab.

8.44-8.46– Address, by Dr.  Shashank S Kale, HOD, Dept. of Neurosurgery and chairman of  AASW -2022 

8.46-8.48- Address by our Chief Guest– Dr (Prof).  Rajesh Malhotra, Chief of JPNATC and chairman of ACSST lab

8.48-8.50- Vote of thanks by Dr. Dattaraj Sawarkar.

8.50-9.00- High Tea

9.00 – 10.00 AM Lectures (15 min each- 10 min Lecture + 2 min MCQ + 3 min Discussion))

      1. Lumbar endoscopic discectomy and decompression- Easy Go / Destandau’s Technique- Dr. Y R Yadav
      2. MISS-TLIF- Dr. Vijay Kumar
      3. Trans-foraminal lumbar endoscopic discectomy- Dr. Sushil Patkar 
      4. Cervical Kyphosis correction – Dr. Shashank Kale
10.00AM – 10.15AM – Tea break

10.15 AM – 12.45 PM – Demonstration of exercises (50 min each)

    1. MI Endoscopic discectomy and decompression- Easy Go / Destandau’s System- Dr. Y R Yadav
    2. MISS-TLIF- Dr. Vijay Kumar
    3. Trans-foraminal lumbar endoscopic discectomy- Dr. Sushil Patkar
12.45 – 2 PM Lunch

1.15 – 5 PM Hands on Dissection on Cadavers only on Endoscopic discectomy (by either Easy Go system or by Destandau system) and MISS TLIF.


1. There will be no hands-on on trans-foraminal lumbar discectomy for delegates

2. Observers will be involved in lectures, interactive discussions and hands-on on Saw bone modules after Lunch.)

Observer’s schedule after 2PM (Till 2PM there will be common session)

02.00 pm – 04.00 pm – Interaction with faculty and hands –on, on saw bone modules by observers.

StationProcedureFaculty In-charge
1CV junctionDr. Vivek Tandon
2D-L spine Pedicle screwDr Sachin Borkar
3MISS TLIFDr Hitesh Gurjar
4Subaxial C SpineDr Amandeep
5CV junctionDr Shaswat Mishra
6D-L spine Pedicle screwDr kanwaljeet
7MISS TLIFDr Manoj Phalak
8Subaxial C SpineDr Satish Verma
Please see the group you are in and the rotation schedule in the next two pages:

Observer station rotation schedule

3 PM TO 4 PM – All Move to Lecture Hall for Interactive Quiz session

Observer station rotation schedule

2 PM TO 3 PM – All Move to Lecture Hall for Interactive Quiz session